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It was a little smaller than Cody, it was black in color, had bright, yellow eyes, and two antenna coming from its head. "I have nothing to fight with because my sword vanished earlier! Occasionally they would turn back to their shadow form, so Cody wouldn't be able to hit them. Cody puffed his chest out proudly and had a smirk on his face. No matter how hard he struggled he couldn't break free, and soon he disappeared within it. "I guess it was just a dream." Looking over to Gwen, he put a cocky little smile on his face and strutted over to the goth girl."Hey Gwen." he said, with a little swagger. " Now that she and Trent weren't dating anymore, he figured that this could be his oppurtunity. She asked him a question though, but it was in the same voice as the one he's been hearing. "I guess I'm still in this stange dream of mine." he said sadly. "I guess being different from everyone else."Duncan asked in the same voice as Gwen.

Now Cody was scared, he had nothing to fight this monster with. But once they regained their original shape, he was able to strike them down. Cody opened his eyes and saw that he wasn't in that strange world anymore. He looked up at him though, still twirling his knife in his hand.

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within seconds Cody was falling into darkness, screaming a high-pitched scream as he fell."Ahhhhhhhh! These were of dancers, and three had slippers that, to Cody, looked like they were made of glass in the southern, eastern and western pictures. Instead he started to fall more slowly until his feet touched softly down onto the floor, leaving him unharmed."What! And as it was talking, a strange shadow appeared in front of Cody and started moving around on the floor. He then looked back toward the monster and noticed that at least ten more had popped up in the last minute. "Tyler slapped him to snap him out his weird rambling."Oww." said Cody. After reading it the duck blinked, and immediately sprinted out of the throne room at top speed, screaming at the top of his lungs.

then it rose from the ground and filled out it's true shape. There in his hand was the sword he had picked in the last area. Cody stood there holding the sword, looking up, embarrassed. Cody looked back at his sword, then back to the creatures, and got into a battle stance. Cody slashed at them and was able to kill half of them. once this darkness reached Cody, he started to sink into it.

He and three fellow Total Drama contestants travel through the Disney worlds to find their missing friends, while also trying to restore their own world.

The story follows the plot of the first Kingdom Hearts game, but with some differences. Rated T for some blood, language and suggestive material.

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