10 rules of internet dating

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10 rules of internet dating

If they offer to pick you up don’t feel you have to agree to be polite.

Don’t go home with your date, invite them back to your place or accept a lift home.

Meet in public Once you have emailed back and forth, talked on the phone and you are feeling really comfortable with the other person you might decide that you want to meet up face to face.

We began to notice that the women who played hard to get, either deliberately or by accident, were the ones who got the guys, while the women who asked guys out or were too available were the ones who got dumped.

We put two and two together, and wrote and wrote, and that’s how The Rules were born!

But get a grip and tell yourself there is no shortcut to courtship, things take time, so you must not act impatiently or desperately.

You are a CUAO (Creature Unlike Any Other), remember?

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Ask questions, and really spend some time getting to know the person.

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