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Fisk joined another singer-songwriter in Carl Anderson and Sam Wilson, who had previously toured as part of Sons of Bill, the trio formed The Restless Hearts, though after an initial tour, the group changed their name to 'Me and My Brother'. Their first single to be released was called "Restless Heart". So everywhere I'm going, I'm running into my ex-girlfriend's face.You played at Ellen De Generes' wedding to Portia de Rossi. I played on her chat show and she became a fan, I guess.Fisk was born in Los Angeles, California, to actress Sissy Spacek and production designer Jack Fisk. Fisk began acting in school plays as a child and eventually progressed to film, her first acting role was as a bumblebee in a community theatre production of Charlotte's Web. She played her first lead role, as the title character in Annie, in sixth grade. Fisk made her film debut in 1995 as Kristy Thomas in The Baby-Sitters Club, her next appearance came in the 2000 film Snow Day as Lane Leonard. At the same time, they were trying to pass Proposition 8 in California.

He studied drawing and painting at Northwestern University, following his college years with stints as an art teacher, screenwriter, and art gallery employee.

One of the songs that stands out is Vegetable Car - it has a really playful, silly lyric. It's just a funny little song about me sitting on my porch in Los Angeles.

This girl would drive by my house all the time while I was writing songs, and she would never look over at me. I don't know if they have them here, but all over Los Angeles they have these old diesel Mercedes that are all rusted out that have been converted to run on vegetable oil. It's not like she could hear it and be 'yes, this has to be about me'.

But when she asked me to play the wedding, my initial thought was 'no', because I'm not a wedding singer.

I didn't know if she wanted me to play covers, or be in the wedding band and play Motown songs.

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' Anyway, so this girl would drive by and I figured I'd write her a little song, and maybe she'll drive by and it'll be on the radio, and her windows will be down and I could run up and say 'I wrote that song. ' It's a real person, she just doesn't know that I have a crush on her. It's about running into photos of Schuyler [Fisk - Sissy Spacek's daughter and Radin's ex-partner] everywhere after we had toured together for two years.