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Code Red TO also partners with some organizations in cities outside the GTHA, and supports any organization putting better transit ahead of partisan or technology ideology. This week Move The GTHA, a regional transit advocacy coalition co-founded by Code Red TO, released a new progress report on The Big Move, the provincial transportation plan. ” is a discussion of the state of transit investment in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area, and the accompanying backgrounder covers all sources and details.

With such significant investments at stake, it’s important to get the process right.

Relief Line Alignment Public Meetings From the Chief Planner’s office: To learn more about the Relief Line and provide your feedback, plan to attend one of the upcoming public meetings: Updates on multiple projects will be available at each meeting, with June 2nd focused most on the Relief Line.

Toronto Waterfront Transit “Reset” Public Meeting Multiple overlapping and conflicting proposals for waterfront transit in Toronto are being examined to determine an appropriate path forward.

The full infographic can be downloaded below, and the survey methodology and results can also be found at Move The GTHA.

The survey, designed in collaboration with Move The GTHA partners and the Angus Reid Global research team at Vision Critical, showed strong support across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area for better public transit funding, increased infrastructure spending, and 59% support region-wide for “an increase in taxes or fees to improve public transit infrastructure in the GTHA.” Toronto Public Health and the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario have released a position statement highlighting the need for investment in a healthy transportation system to improve public health overall.

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Our report lists several specific requirements for the government: Spring 2016 is proving to be a busy time for transit improvements throughout Toronto, the GTHA, and beyond.

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